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The year is 2000, and you have recently purchased a desktop computer at a surplus auction from a failed company. You could just wipe the drive and start anew, but that wouldn’t be fun would it? You should probably find out who owned this computer and why this company went under. It won’t be easy though, information hides behind codes and encryption (though it may not be that strong), and it’s your job to gather the clues you need to find more information. You may want a pen and paper to write down important notes for your quest.

Vsn. 2.4.A2-F ΣΣ | © 2019 Alex Gittemeier and Keenan Piveral-Brooks.
Written for the Northwest Missouri State University Spring 2019 Game Jam.
All Rights Reserved.
Video Input: VGA
GaiaBIOS, An Energy Star Ally Copyright (C) 1985-94, Titan Electric, Ltd. GaiaBIOS Rev A00
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Vsn. 2.4.A2-F ΣΣ
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Flagrant System Error

--Kernel Chronograph time keeper detected out of bounds error.--

A problem has been detected and ChronOS was forced to shutdown your computer to avoid damage.
If this is your first time experiencing this error restart your computer.

If this happens frequently please contact Coldwater Systems Support with this error code:
79 6f 75 20 72 65 61 6c 6c 79 20 66 75 63 6b 65 64 20 75 70

Your computer will shutdown after completing a core dump.